Chippewa juniors are encouraged to participate in USTA tournaments. Playing competitive matches complements clinics and private lessons to help make our juniors complete players. Plus they are a lot of fun!

Find a Tournament

Visit TennisLink to search for tournaments in the Midwest section. You can also narrow your search to just tournaments in S.E. Michigan or expand it to search National tournaments or ones in different districts or sections.

N.E.T. Championships Series

If you are new to tournament play, you may want to try out the N.E.T. Championships Series. These non-elimination events are designed to help you gain tournament experience and standings points, which can then be used as a springboard into more advanced competition. Based on a compass draw, these N.E.T.s are held in one day and last approximately four hours. For eligibility into these tournaments, you must be below 60 on the current standing list in any age group. You can search for these tournaments on TennisLink.


To find out your current USTA ranking, search the Standings List.