Summer Pool Membership Terms

Download/print the Chippewa Membership Application. All membership fees are nonrefundable. Chippewa Club pool memberships begin on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and continue through Labor Day. Membership fees will not be prorated if a member joins later in the summer. Pool memberships may be either paid in full or split over the first three months of the membership term. If payment is divided over the first three months, a $10 fee will be assessed with each payment. Chippewa Club pool memberships do not automatically renew. Members can receive a credit on their bill for referring a first-time pool member; please ask for more information.

Chippewa Club pool members have access to the pool, the indoor courts (court fees will apply), the outdoor courts, the racquetball courts, and the fitness facility from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. 

If you would like to combine one type of membership with another, discounts are available. If you are combining any junior membership with another type of membership, you will receive $50 off the combined memberships. If you are combining with any non-junior membership, you will receive 20% off the more expensive membership.

Electronic Funds Transfer

All Chippewa members will be asked to keep a valid credit card on file. On the first of every month, members will receive an email detailing charges from the previous month. On the tenth of every month, users’ credit cards will be charged for all unpaid items on their house charge (and membership dues, if applicable). If this EFT is successful, all unpaid charges on the users’ statements will be marked as “Paid.” If a user’s credit card is declined, a $25 late fee will be applied by Full-Service Billing. The member will be asked to add a valid credit card to their profile so that their charges can be cleared.

Summer Pool Membership Fees

Single: $499/season

Couple: $730/season

Family: $990/season

Junior Swim Only (13–18 years only): $280/season